Making a perfect disaster recovery plan

While deploying new technologies in your work like automation, virtual assistants, etc. you should keep in mind that security is the most important aspect. Power outage or natural disasters happen suddenly and can damage or delete the information stored in server. This is why it’s vital to create a recovery plan and include it in your annual budget.

Can I afford it?

It’s not as expensive as you think. Some entrepreneurs think that disaster recovery is a serious investment: costly data centers, network, server maintenance – all that costs money. While it was true several years ago, modern approach makes recovery plan available for any business. Subscription pricing models are quite cheap, and allow having minimal downtime and enough money to invest into development. Cloud based disaster recovery is another available option.

Onsite backups are not enough

Although a manual backup server improves data security, it’s are prone to downtime. If you have backup copies stored in a virtual server or a cloud, restoring of data will take a few minutes.
Another threat is cyber-attacks that may have even worse impact than natural disasters. Weak passwords, suspicious links and connection with unsecured channels – all that can destroy even a well-established online business. While sustaining network security you should also have a Plan B. A properly created disaster recovery plan will ensure data integrity in any case.


This is a great option, if your target audience is spread over several locations. With a CDN (content delivery network) data will be cached and stored in edge servers, so is the main server fails, you will be able to restore it at least partially. Besides, CDN solutions usually go with a firewall that filters suspicious requests and traffic.

Downtime takes its toll

Surely, a brief power outage may have almost no impact on your website, but it’s not worth risking. For companies that make thousands of dollars a day such situation can be dangerous and lead to serious loss of income. Add to that data loss, damage of hardware and spoilt reputation, and your business may be ruined.So if you want to be successful, having a disaster recovery plan is a must. 


  1. The cloud based disaster recovery is one of the best medium for the data back up which is quite every business need. Good one

  2. Well written post. I appreciate your guidance for sharing about Disaster recovery . I really need to know about it. Great work!


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